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Undiscovered travel destinations in Europe: hurry up!

There are some european cities you never thought to visit, but should. Here there are some travel tips to discover travel destinations in Europe that are still little known for tourism. Discover them before than others: the experience should be fantastic!
The desire to know new things, always brings the curious tourist to look for undiscovered places. If you are searching for a city break, these underrated cities can be the right choice.

The first undiscovered travel destination is Skopje, in Macedonia. The city can steal your heart with the atmosphere of the ancient city, with the hammams, the food markets, the beautiful churches. You have to visit the Lake Matka and eat the beautiful food of the region.

Another city that is underestimated is Tbilisi, in Georgia. This town hides a particular charm. The splendor of the georgian capital is really present in the Art Nouveau buildings but also in the newest part of the city, with shopping malls, hotel and modern architecture.

Another thing to do and to see is Tavira, in Portugal. Here you can discover the real life of the place, going on a fishing boat, eating the specialties, visiting the beautiful churches and so on. Here big hotels are few: mass tourist prefers some other destinations, but Tavira is beautiful.

Another tip is to visit Umea, in Sweden. The city was, in 2014, the European Capital of Culture, but is still unknown. Here you can kayaking or do some snowmobile rides. This is the real Sweden: enjoy it.

If you love Italy and italian way of life, you have to discover some cities like Bergamo, Treviso. Bergamo is located in Lombardy, not so far from Milan. The city is more quiet than the nearby town, but is beautiful. Here you can discover traditions, local food and wines and you can see a splendid town, full of history. Same for Treviso, that is in Veneto. Some flight to Venice often land in Treviso, but the city is not a symbol of the mass tourism. As in Venice, here there are canals, gardens, beautiful buildings and church and everything you want.

We suggest Lubeck too. This city in Germany is known for the airport, but is also called The Venice of the Baltic, because is a beautiful town, like the italian one. Discover it and its history! It will be magic.