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Must-visit capital cities: Scandinavia 



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The capital of the north of Europe, Stockholm, is the capital of Sweden. A raised promontory connecting Lake Melarene with the coast of the salt of ​​the Baltic Sea. The great part of the city is in islands and peninsulas. The Sea Coast in the Stockholm region is sown with sharks, which are over 24 thousand here. Stockholm and its surroundings – very clean water.  

For tourists visiting the capital of Sweden, it is often astonishing that people are bathing and fishing in the city center. The Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, is located on three islands that are connected to each other. The largest island is the majestic royal palace. North of the city center is Nurmalma, a modern business district. There are many high-rise houses, boulevards, pedestrian streets.  

The favorite city dwelling place is the “Museum Island” Jurgorden. The most interesting museum on this island was Skansen, founded in 1891. This is the first folk household museum in the world. It houses 150 natural landscapes from the most distant parts of Sweden. They are perfectly restored. The guides of folk costumes tour guides follow the skansen tourists and tell how old bread was baked, fired stove, spitted, weaved, etc. 



Let’s move to Denmark’s capital. Placed on the islands of Zealand and the Amager. The east coast of the coast of Sweden is 20-25 km from the city. Ferries regularly fly to the nearest town of Malmö in Sweden via the Erasu Strait. Now the bridge is being built through this strait. It will be the longest in Europe and will significantly shorten the time it takes to travel through the strait.  

Kopenhagen’s Old Town, the peaks of different shapes and high towers create a distinctive image. Almost all of the old town is for pedestrians. It is crossed by the city’s most important and the longest pedestrian street in Europe – Stroget. 

There are many luxury stores and cozy cafes, and the street is always “booming” with the abundance of tourists and city dwellers. Copenhagen is a rich national museum planetarium. There is the oldest (founded in 1843) in the world of attractions and recreation park – Tivoli. 



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The capital of Finland. Located on a peninsula, which is carved deep into the bay and gullies inland. The city is very well planned, so it is considered to be one of the most comfortable cities for people to live in. Around Helsinki – hundreds of islands of the shrines, which are connected by bridges.  

Each of the islands is interesting in its own way: one is a park, the other is a museum, the other is a zoo, etc. Out of all the islands, there are four fortresses in Suomenlinna, worthy of the ancient times. 

Helsinki is famous for its contemporary architecture: the National Museum, the Finlandia concert hall, the church beneath the earth in the cave, and others. The city is surrounded by greenery. Sometimes it appears that some of the city’s areas have grown just in the middle of the forest. Together with Stockholm, Helsinki is one of the eco-friendly capitals.  



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Oslo is the capital of Norway. Situated on the shores of the most northerly Oslo fjord. Its surroundings are warm and driest in cool and rainy Norway. The Oslo fjord is very different from the western fjords of Norwegian coast. It is much wider, shorter, surrounded by hills, not mountains.  

Modern buildings are dominated by the city. Medieval neighborhoods, many of which exist in Stockholm and Copenhagen, did not survive here at all. The axis of the city is the famous street of Charles Johan. The main buildings of the city – Parliament, university, national theater, department and others – sway at him. The street rests on the Royal Palace, which is surrounded by a small park.  

Most of the tourist attractions in Oslo are the Bugdee Peninsula, with many wonderful museums. Of these, the most famous are shipping museums. The favorite city dweller is Frogner Park. However, Norway laws are not very gambling friendly, so before setting up in the park to play some slots, get spins for free and use them in different country. No worries, you won’t be bored though, hundreds of sculptures by sculptor G. Vigeland sculpted and scratched by the most intricate forms are imparted to him. To the north of the city, on a high hill, there is a large Holmenkolin trampoline. It has an amazing view of the city and the fjord from Europe.