Places worth visiting in Cumbria 


Start preparing

I am sure that at this point you have already seen the beautiful images of Cumbria and want to go there. You might even already be looking for plane or train tickets to any exact place in Cumbria, but there is one more thing that you should consider. What will you visit? I am completely aware of the fact that this is not an easy question, but do not get scared. I have been to that side of the world many times, and I think that I can help you out. 

On the other hand, you might already have some thoughts. In that case, this list can be as a way of looking for alternatives. Count this as my 2 cents in the discussion regarding the best places in Cumbria for tourists. So, where should you go first? 

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The royal life 

Have you ever wanted to feel royal? Well, this might be your chance. It would be a shame not to visit the Lowther castle which is situated in the Lake District. Chances are that you have never even heard of this castle, but trust me when I say that it is better than anything you are imagining now. This country turns out to be one of the best hidden tourism attractions in the country. Who would not want to walk through a castle which is so magnificent and captivating? It was built in the 19th century, so prepare for a bit of real life history! 

Moreover, the gardens are truly beautiful, so take your friends or family and walk through the same path as royals once did. Even kids will enjoy the gardens and amazing playgrounds. The castle has a very interesting and intriguing history! That is why you should already be including it in your trip. 

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The rush of adrenaline 

Are you planning to travel with kids and you know that they can get bored easily? Well, in that case I would suggest trying some of the high ropes courses in Cumbria, as they will easily get the adrenaline going. You can choose any place from Hawkshead, Keswick to Windermere and let your kids enjoy the day. 

Adrenaline will wake them up and then make it easier to travel through Cumbria. Adults can do such activities as get 100 free spins for starburst and play casino games for the same effect or join the kids. Prepare for that thrill! 

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A part of nature

This activity is also very suitable for families because I am sure that almost everyone loves animals. My suggestion would be to choose at least one of the reserves, aquariums or zoos in Cumbria. Probably my favourite would be the Lake District Wildlife Park, as the variety of animals is very amazing, and it is nice to see happy animals living in great conditions.  

On the other hand, Predator Experience is also captivating. You can see wolfs, foxes, learn how to handle an eagle and much more! So, what will you be visiting first in Cumbria? 

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