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Everyday Facts about Cumbria

Cumbria is home to nearly half a million of Britons. Not me. However, this is one of my favorite places to come and spend a summer weekend at least once a year. Cumbria has some fascinating history. Did you know here lies George Washington’s grandmother?  

But this time I decided not to try make an impression. Instead, I want to give you simple, everyday facts that you might not know about Cumbria.   

Here they are.  

One and only city


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Cumbria is one of the smallest counties in UK and only has one city, Carlisle with a population of 75,000. Other important locations include Workington, Whitehaven, Barrow-in-Furness and Kendal.  

Cumbria was created in 1974. Despite being only 41st out of 48 counties in UK by population, Cumbria is the 3rd largest county exceeding 6,766 square kilometers, a third of which is taken by the Lake District, UK’s largest national park that we will talk about later.   

No gaming


UK is world famous for their enthusiastic players in casinos playing classic casino games and poker. One Englishman recently made headlines by reaching the WSOP Main Event Final table. Not to mention lottery and sports betting.  

Despite this, however, there is not casino around Cumbria for 200 miles. There is a betting shop, though. So, if you would ever look for progressive slot machine games, you are better off searching online.  

No top-flight Football for 40 years


Carlisle United Football Club were a part of the Premier league back in 1974-75 season when the league was called First Division. To this day Carlisle United is the smallest city team that has played in the highest football league in the country. However, since then the team spent most of the time in League Two, the fourth highest tier in UK football.       

Lake District – UK’s Largest National Park 


It’s fair to say that UK has plenty of national parks, the largest of which reaching 2,360 square kilometers, is the Lake District. The national park is only one of biggest tourist attraction that is visited by over 15 million tourists every year.  

What’s special about the Lake District?  


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Of course, first and foremost, for its bodies of water. 21 to be exact including the deepest, Wast Water and the longest, Windermere. To me, its beauty can compare with world’s biggest natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. The park in among the best preserved places in UK and  a home to some majestic and rare animals and spectacular plants. A great example of that are the Red kites, that returned to Cumbria after 160 years.     



Cumbria, as a location doesn’t have many locals. Only about 500,000. That’s part of its charm. But also, Cumbria is the home to the highest mountains, deepest and longest lakes. 

When I am here, I feel truly free. Not like in my Manchester apartment, or my cubicle at work, or my car.  

That is where Romans built their most important roads. These are the lands that Vikings raided in the 900 A.D. 

You really have to come here and feel it for yourself.