Places worth visiting in Cumbria 

  Start preparing I am sure that at this point you have already seen the beautiful images of Cumbria and want to go there. You might even already be looking for plane or train tickets to any exact place in Cumbria, but there is one more thing that you should consider. What will you visit? I am completely aware of the fact that this is not an easy question, but do not get scared. I have been to that side … Continue reading “Places worth visiting in Cumbria “

lake district

Everyday Facts about Cumbria

Cumbria is home to nearly half a million of Britons. Not me. However, this is one of my favorite places to come and spend a summer weekend at least once a year. Cumbria has some fascinating history. Did you know here lies George Washington’s grandmother?   But this time I decided not to try make an impression. Instead, I want to give you simple, everyday facts that you might not know about Cumbria.    Here they are.   One and only city   … Continue reading “Everyday Facts about Cumbria”

Lake District , Cumbria

Lake District , Cumbria

The Lake District is among the most pretty and traditional regions of England, it’s a favourite spot for adventure, countryside views and a genuine English experience. It’s situated in the lovely lake district. You can achieve this at a coming property auction Lake District. There are a number of smallish towns near the many lakes offering hospitality in the shape of standard pubs serving fine ales and excellent food together with a big selection of places to stay. In addition, … Continue reading “Lake District , Cumbria”

Carlisle-Lanes England

Carlisle England

Workington is a rather active community. Carlisle is the sole city in Cumbria. Carlisle surprisingly simple to get to and the ideal centre to explore additional afield. How to Choose Carlisle, England Carlisle Cathedral was constructed in 1133. The church is situated in Carlisle, England. Tullie House was constructed in 1689. Rooms have a flat-screen TV. It is a boutique hotel that provides luxurious touches at fair rates. Tours may also have a trip to the engine sheds. Just like … Continue reading “Carlisle England”

Cumbria City

Cumbria City

Some UK destinations might even offer you a tiny taste of Europe! It is a wonderful destination for family vacation. Complete utility location was asked to ascertain the very best possible remedy to safely carry out these works. There are quite a bit of people who do live within this location and it is increasingly turning into a residential location. Additionally it is called the City of Angels. New York is the Fashion Capital of the USA. It plays a … Continue reading “Cumbria City”

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Undiscovered travel destinations in Europe: hurry up!

There are some european cities you never thought to visit, but should. Here there are some travel tips to discover travel destinations in Europe that are still little known for tourism. Discover them before than others: the experience should be fantastic! The desire to know new things, always brings the curious tourist to look for undiscovered places. If you are searching for a city break, these underrated cities can be the right choice. The first undiscovered travel destination is Skopje, … Continue reading “Undiscovered travel destinations in Europe: hurry up!”

must visit places in Cumbria

5 must visit places in Cumbria

Cumbria is a non metropolitan county located in the North West England. The county in question is famous for the Lake District and Lake District National Park. For that reason is one of the most popular region in the United Kingdom and this is the this largest county in England. If you love the United Kingdom, you have to visit it. Which are the 5 must visit places in Cumbria? The list is long, but for sure we have to … Continue reading “5 must visit places in Cumbria”