Best things to do while travelling 

Spending your time

Whether you are travelling to the beloved Cumbria or any other place, you will still most likely spend a while on the plane or in a car. So, how can a great tourist like you spend your time while going to your destination? Becoming bored and tired is never a good thing when you are about to see a new country or a new city. What are the options? 

Well, I have created a short list which should help you choose the best activities and ways to spend time while travelling. There is no need to just awkwardly sit and wait for your trip to officially start. So, what are the best ways to keep your mind busy? 

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Learn the native language 

This is extremely beneficial if you are going to a country you have never visited before. Even learning how to say basic words in that language can be crucial. Asking for help, saying hello or even thanking someone in their native language can easily break the ice or help you in difficult situations. It is not very difficult, but its results can be amazing. 

Moreover, learning languages is always great. Maybe you will see that you found a language which you would like to become fluent it. That is the beauty of trying, as you can never know. Knowing how to say various phrases in another language can also lead to you making new connections. Meeting locals is probably the best you can do while travelling! 

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Play games 

I understand that bringing a huge board game to a plane or to a bus is not really possible, but modern technology can help you out a lot. Chances are that you will have your phone with you all the time, so that is not a problem. For example, you can play free pokies or any other online casino game while travelling. The reason I am suggesting this is that it is easy to spend a lot of time playing it. This way you will not get bored. What could be better? 

These days the variety of games is just amazing. Any online casino, cards or memory game will keep you occupied for hours. You might find your new favorite game while traveling! 

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Watching TV series 

Netflix and other similar platforms are still going strong. It is so easy to find TV show which you could binge watch for hours. I promise that you will not get bored even on a 12h flight. The main task would be just to find something which will suit your style of shows. Pick any comedy, horror or romantic show and you are ready even for the longest trip. 

Moreover, many planes even have movies and shows already prepared for you. There is no need to just sleep all the time. Get some use out of your time. Is there any show that you have wanted to start watching for a very long time? Well, you can get started!